A Brief History

The village of Partney is so named as it is an island between two branches of the river which flows down the valley. The name is of Anglo Saxon origin and stands out amongst the majority of "bys" and "thorpes" in the area which reflect their settlement by the Danes.

Today Partney has become an island of a different sort, nestling peacefully between the two new bypasses opened in 2005. 

The present church is of an original 14th century construction. It was begun in what is called the Decorated Style and was finished in the Perpendicular style. The tower, with its fine arch, is of the latter style. For more information click on Church.
There is mention of a market at Partney in the Domesday Book 'worth 10/- yearly". It continued until at the least the 15th century until it declined before its neighbour Spilsby and disappeared altogether.

Much more well known are the Partney Fairs. There were four in total :

              August 1st "The fat lamb fair"
              August 25th
              September 18th/19th "The Great September Fair"
              The Wednesday and Thursday after Old Michaelmas Day "The Onion Fair"

The amount of stock brought to Partney Fair in olden times was very great, and the number of visitors, some of whom would have driven over from Lincoln, taxed all the resources of the parish. Very frequently not a bed was to be found in the entire parish and accommodation had to be sought outside of it.

Sadly the Fairs dwindled until the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease saw them brought to an end.
However, the local villagers decided to reinstate the festival of the Fair and Saturday 12th August 2006 saw the first of what has become an annual event, the Partney Sheep Fair Fete.