The Victory Hall, Partney

The Victory Hall was built as a memorial to those who served in the First World War. The original Hall was opened in April 1921.

It is actually the Partney, Dalby and Dexthorpe Village Hall and is built on the site of the old White Horse Inn and an area used as a German prisoner of war camp during the First World War.

The original wooden structure was replaced in 1986 by the present hall. In an amazing building feat, the new hall was built around the old wooden structure and throughout the 18 months of building operations, the Hall was never out of commission!

The Victory Hall is run by a management committee totally independent of any church or other organisation. Bookings must be made through Mr Neil Blanchard, telephone -01790 752024.

The Hall can be booked by session, i.e. morning, afternoon or evening. Bookings may be separate or combined.

The current charges are:
Villagers - £25.00 per session
Others - £27.00 per session
Licensed Bar - £15.00 extra.